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Mary Hurrell

I've been intrigued by anatomy and the freedom movement brings since I was a child. No surprise then, that I was drawn to the fitness industry where I've worked for 15 years as a fitness instructor, P.E. and health teacher and tutor/assessor for the National Certificate in Fitness and Personal Training.

I first encountered Pilates through a mat class at Contours gym in 2000. After training as a teacher and tutor, I discovered Romana's Pilates – the real deal – created and taught by the protégé of Joseph Pilates himself. Studying the authentic method was profound. So inspiring that I retrained as a Romana's Pilates instructor and in 2011, made it my full-time job. Nothing beats the control and connection it gives or seeing people become one with their bodies. Once you 'get' the method, you never want to give it up.



I believe everyone needs Pilates in their life. It is the best form of self-care you can provide for yourself. By creating Your Space Pilates Christchurch, a mobile service, I can get to you at a time and place that suit.  Take a class online at your home or join one of my mat or seated community classes at Cracroft Community Centre or the Mary Potter Community Centre.  I will make it easy for you to get Pilates into your life.  I bring all the equipment you'll need for a mat class; you bring appropriate clothing and a positive attitude. 

I want to get you away from energy draining, tension-creating desks and help you to reconnect, breathe, strengthen, lengthen and revitalise your body, mind, and spirit.


OuR Types of PILATES

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Mat Classes are designed to Stretch, Strengthen and Revitalize your body, refresh your mind and erase tension. By adding a Pilates session to your day you will eliminate pain and tension. You will keep your body and mind in great condition and feel good doing it.



These classes are designed for anyone who wants to exercise to be strong, mobile and stable but has trouble getting down to the floor to work out on a mat.
Using the principles of Pilates you will safely stretch and strengthen your body while improving your balance.
With a strong and stable body, you will: Be in control, confident and able to keep doing all the things you love.

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Join a class


Mat Classes


Wednesday 10:00 am

Cracroft Community Centre
        30 Shalamar Drive, Cracroft, Christchurch


Thursdays 12:10pm
442 Durham Street North
(Behind Southern Cross Hospital)

Seated Classes


Wednesday 11:15 am

Cracroft Community Centre
        30 Shalamar Drive, Cracroft, Christchurch


Thursdays 11:15am 
442 Durham Street North
(Behind Southern Cross Hospital)

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Online Classes


Monday 11:15am

Tuesday 6:00am and 7:30pm

Thursday 6:00am and 7:30pm

In the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Current Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6:00 AM Online Online
10:00 AM Mat
11:15 AM Online Seated Seated
12:10 PM Mat
7:30 PM Online Online

Classes are via Zoom

Old Stone House
30 Shalamar Road,
Cracroft, Christchurch


The Mary Potter Center
442 Durham Street North,
St Albans, Christchurch


Option 1

Community Space

$150 for 10 classes

  • Join an existing group
  • Start your own group
  • Min 8 people to start a group
  • Max 15 people per group

Option 2

Seated Pilates

$80 for 10 classes

  • Join an existing group
  • Start your own group
  • Min 8 people to start a group
  • Max of 15 people per group

Option 3

Your Place Online

$150 for 10 classes

  • Multiple participant sessions
  • Tuesday 6 am, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm
  • Thursday 6 am and 7:30 pm
  • Personal sessions by request

20% discount for community & Gold card holders


Your Feedback

Mary’s teaching is second-to-none – and I say that having trained in terrific studios across London and Sydney. Her precision has transformed my practice – the tiniest tweak or piece of direction leads to ‘Aha!’ moments in every single class. The best way I can describe it is like light bulbs constantly switching on in my body. She builds and builds on moves I long ago thought I’d nailed to the point where they sometimes feel like whole new exercises, meaning my training is never static. And Mary manages to instil this discipline while being so warm and lovely. I’m staggered by how much stronger my connection to my core has gotten, plus my strength and definition have come on leaps and bounds. She’s my go-to for getting more out of Pilates than I ever have before.
— Ottilie
I have been recently attending a Romana’s Pilates Class run by Mary and am really pleased with her friendly professional approach. I have attended a few classes before with different teachers but was delighted to find that Mary is probably the teacher I have enjoyed the most. The class flows and progresses and she never makes you feel like you are not managing well or keeping up. She challenges because she knows what our bodies will do given the right exercise. I would highly recommend Mary and Your Space Pilates classes to anyone of any level. Give it a go.
— Julie Jenkinson
Attending Pilates classes with Mary as my Instructor, for the past eighteen months, has enabled me to recover from a broken leg, increase my flexibility, have better deportment, be able to get out of the bath, and having osteoporosis, am delighted to find that I have only shrunk by 1 cm since 2009, all credit to Mary and Pilates.
Mary gives calm, clear instructions and is knowledgable about muscle groups, and is positive in encouraging one to work to their own level of comfort.

Your Space Pilates Blog

Romana’s pilates


Pilates has proven itself for more than 80 years as an effective and safe method of exercise, when taught and applied correctly. Romana Kryzanowski was Joseph Pilates chosen protégé. It was she who carried on his work and popularized it globally. I chose to train as a Romana’s Pilates Teacher because I experienced 1st hand how the true essence of Joseph Pilates genius system of work has been honored and preserved.

Through Romana's Pilates you first acquire complete control of your own body and then, through proper repetition of its exercises, you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your mental and subconscious activities. Romana's Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be reflected in the way you walk, play and work. You will develop muscular power with endurance, ability to perform demanding tasks, to play strenuous games, to walk, run or travel for long distances without fatigue or mental strain.


  • Look after yourself with regular Pilates workouts. You will feel the difference 2 to 3 sessions a week makes.

  • Combine your community class with one or two online sessions at home or travelling.

  • You never need to miss a class, you can swap a community class for an online class.

  • Include your family, friends and colleagues. Bring them along to a class. Let them know why Pilates is so important to you.

  • You will feel better and be nicer to be around. You will make up for any lost time away from the desk with your awesome increased creativity and productivity.


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